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Getting started with Oslo City Bike!
Getting started with Oslo City Bike!

Setting up a subscription, and how to unlock and park the bike

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Welcome as an Oslo City Biker! You can easily get started by following these three steps:

  1. Download the app to your iPhone or Android

  2. Fill in your profile

  3. Check available stations in the app or at our webpage

Find a bike

In the app you can always see where the stations are and how many bikes are available at each of them. By pressing one of the stations in the app, you will be able to see how far away they are.

Unlock a bike

At any given moment you can see available bikes and locks through the Oslo City Bike app. When standing close to a station, you can unlock a bike straight from your phone. After retrieving a bike you will see where the closest station with available locks is, how many locks are available, and how long you have had the bike. 

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Parking a bike 

When you are using a bike, the app will show you where there are available locks nearby. The bike is delivered when you get a confirmation in the app. You will then see a green light on the lock and receive a message saying Your bike is returned in the app. Make sure you push the bike into the lock when parking it. You should also double check that it's locked by trying to pull it out.

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