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Studded tires on the city bikes
Studded tires on the city bikes

How to ride wtih studded tires

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Now all city bikes have studded tires and WinterCityBike is up and running!

Here are some small things to keep in mind when biking this winter:

  1. Avoid braking abruptly, so that the spikes can settle properly the first few trips. Then you help is ensure that the tires last all winter.

  2. Check that the breaks work before you start biking.

  3. Make sure that the seat is low enough for you to get balance when putting your foot on the ground.

  4. Cold, slippery roads can increase the breaking distance. Keep a litte more distance than normal.

Good studded tires give you a better grip on slippery surfaces, but you still have to pay attention to the conditions. Bike carefully where you suspect there may be ice on the ground. Good trip!

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