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Location services for the app
Location services for the app

How to make the app show your actual position

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Have you experienced that the app think you are somewhere else than you are?
First and foremost, make sure you try to unlock the bike from the station you're at.

Your phone might take a few seconds to update to your real position, but if it doesn't find you after a little while these things might help solve the issue: 

  • Press the button in the bottom right corner of the map. This will zoom in on your position

  • Check that wifi is turned on (you don't have to be connected to any wifi, but it gives a more accurate position)

If you're using an iPhone it might help to reset "frequently visted places":

  • Go to Settings > Privacy> Location services > System services (at the bottom of the list) > Relevant places, and press Empty log 

  • Restart the app afterwards

If this doesn't help after you've waited a couple of minutes, try to:

  • Close the app and restart it again

  • Turn your phone off and on again

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app and update if neccesary 

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