The Join our email list allows you to capture the email address of your reader.

It's a great way to collate the email addresses for a mailing list or a RSVP.

  • To begin select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity.
  • Select the Mailing module category from the Interactivity Module palette. 
  • Select Join our email list.
  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive.
  • A pop-up box will open with one question. The question text can be altered if required.
  • Now select the Results tab and click on the Result Content button.
  • This will open a text editor where you can enter a message that your reader will see one they have completed the module.
  • When your reader views your versionand click the module it will look like the below:

Note: if you are using a security rule that captures the reader email address, the Please enter your email address field will not display.

Viewing results

To view the emails captured select Manage for your version followed by Manage Version > Analytics. 

Scroll to the table at the bottom of the page and expand the page that your module is on. 

Select the number in the Views column to see a table of the email addresses entered.

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