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System Requirements

Everything you need to have the best possible experience using PageTiger

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Managing your account & users

Learn how to manage your PageTiger accounts and user access

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Creating a Document

Create impressive interactive documents to wow your audience!

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Adding Interactivity

Add interactive content, such as videos, polls, and charts, to make your document stand out

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Applying Settings

Improve the look and feel of your document, help readers navigate around them and control access

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Document & Version Management

Everything you need for organising documents, creating duplicates and making templates.

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Use our state of the art mailing tool, TigerMailer, or create HTML code to distribute your documents

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Analytics, sometimes known as Reporting or Tracking, is our built-in analytics interface. It collects and presents real-time data about your readers interactions with your documents and is a fantastic way to monitor what you create and help you improve it. There are also additional options available for exporting your data from PageTiger, should you wish to use your own reporting suite.

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TigerGenius is our easy-to-use wizard that enables TigerGenius users to create new documents with ease (no design or technical skills needed!). The benefit of our wizard is that you can control your brand and key messages by setting which panels and interactive elements a TigerGenius user can change. All they need to do is use it and fill in the blanks. Simple!

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NEW! Page Libraries

Make the pages of one or more documents available with a Page Library

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NEW! Content Generators

Make your content stand out with well-written content, on-brand videos and Getty images

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NEW! PageTiger Guides

A selection of useful guides to help you use key features of PageTiger

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Release Notes

We're always working to improve your PageTiger experience. Here's what's changed…

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Contact Us

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