Play YouTube/Vimeo video in pop-up

If you are unable to upload a video file as a resource but the video is available on YouTube or Vimeo, it can be embedded in a pop-up using the URL.

Simply paste the URL for the video into the YouTube/Vimeo video link field.

How to add a 'Play YouTube/Vimeo video in pop-up' module

  • Select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity.

  • Select Media from the Interactivity Module palette. 

  • Select the 'Play YouTube or Play Vimeo video in pop-up' module.

  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive.

The clickable area is where your reader will click to open the pop-up box that will play the video.

Please note:
PageTiger cannot embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo on a page.

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