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How can I View Photo and Signature Proof of Delivery?
How can I View Photo and Signature Proof of Delivery?

Saving photo and signature proof of delivery to the Parcelizer dashboard

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One of the most common requests clients ask from their couriers and last mile delivery partners is proof of delivery. They want to be able to verify that their products were delivered safely and on time. Here's how proof of delivery in Parcelizer works.

When a driver hits the [Complete] button on the Stop detail screen of a delivery stop (how do I complete a route?), he will be given the option to include proof of delivery by either taking one or more photos (he can also add them from his photo album) or asking the customer to sign on the screen. He can then include notes e.g. "Left package at customer's doorstep" to describe how the package was delivered. Once he confirms the delivery by pressing [Complete Delivery], the proof of delivery is saved to the Parcelizer admin portal.

To retrieve the proof of delivery, log into Parcelizer ( and click on the [Orders] tab on the top navigation bar. This brings you to the Orders Listing page. Use the [Filter] dropdown to search for the delivery you are looking for (some combination of delivery name i.e. the customer name, delivery date and status: completed is helpful). Once you've found the correct order, click the Order ID link on the leftmost column of the order to enter the Order Detail screen.

In the Order Detail screen, you'll find (1) Proof of delivery - photos, (2) Customer signature and (3) Driver notes on the bottom right panel.

That's how you can view photo proof of delivery in Parcelizer. If you have any questions about Parcelizer or would like to suggest a feature, don't hesitate to contact

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