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How do I Complete a Route?
How do I Complete a Route?

Completing stops using the Parcelizer driver app

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Once your route shows up on your driver app (how do I dispatch routes to my drivers?), the next step is to use it to complete stops.

On the Stop Listing screen, click on the stop you'd like to complete (Parcelizer allows you to complete stops out of order so long as the pickup is completed before the delivery). This brings you to the Stop Detail screen which shows you:

  1. The customer's address on a map (pickups are shown as round markers, deliveries as square ones) with your real time location (blue dot).

  2. The customer's name and address.

  3. The estimated arrival time (ETA) at the address as calculated by Parcelizer's route optimization engine.

  4. Any pickup or delivery notes (e.g. unit number) associated with the customer.

You can also press the [Going Next] button to send your customer an ETA notification or tap the [Call/Text] button to give the customer a call on his phone number or Whatsapp. The [Navigate] button gives you turn by turn directions on Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Once you've arrived at the customer's address, hit the [Arrive] button. This logs the timestamp and your GPS coordinates, which allows Parcelizer company admins to track the time and exact location you arrived at the stop.

After you press [Arrive], if the stop is a delivery, you'll have the option to mark it as Received by Person or Safe Dropped. On the next screen, you'll be asked to optionally upload (1) proof of delivery (either a picture or an image file saved on your phone), (2) customer signature as well as any notes you might want to add e.g. "package was left with the doorman". This information is now saved to the Parcelizer admin portal and available on the Order Detail screen ((how can I view photo and signature proof of delivery).

To mark the delivery as complete, hit [Complete Delivery] which takes you back to the Stop Detail screen. You can now hit [Next Stop] to view details of the next stop on your route.

If you have any questions about the Parcelizer driver app, don't hesitate to contact

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