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How to map Custom Fields to HubSpot?
How to map Custom Fields to HubSpot?

This article will walk you through the steps on how to map any custom fields to HubSpot.

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(For steps on how to map Lead comments to your HubSpot deal, please check out this article)

You'll first want to ensure any custom fields have been added to your Lead Registration form. Head to your Accounts & Settings tab and select the Leads sub-tab. Click on the pencil icon to edit.

Now you can add as many custom fields as you'd like to your registration form. You'll want to ensure you check off the Active checkbox so your custom field will show up on your form.

You can check off the Required checkbox to require your partners to fill the field(s) in.

Now that you've added the desired fields to your Lead Registration form, head to your Integrations tab and select Settings to configure. (please note, only Admin accounts will have access) Locate the Custom Field Mapping section. To edit, select the Pencil icon. Please note, HubSpot fields will be pulled automatically and you'll need to create those within your HubSpot account first, for them to appear in your portal.

Active Portal Field will be any custom field added in

Please note, we can only map single text fields. Drop-down and number fields cannot be mapped.

Now, open any HubSpot deal mapped from, and select Filter Activity. Select the filter under Integrations. This will ensure you will have visibility on any activity.

(NOTE: Each user will have to enable this filter)

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