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How to map Lead comments to HubSpot?
How to map Lead comments to HubSpot?

This article will walk you through the steps to map your lead comments to your HubSpot deal.

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(For steps on how to map custom HubSpot fields, please check out this article)

First, head to your Integrations tab and select your HubSpot settings. Click on the configuration button.

(NOTE: only Admin accounts will have access to view the Integrations tab)

You'll want to scroll to the Comment/Activity Tracking field at the bottom. Select the button to the right to toggle the feature on.

Now, open any HubSpot deal mapped from, and select Filter Activity. Select the filter under Integrations. This will ensure you will have visibility on any activity.

(NOTE: Each user will have to enable this filter) will only start to map comments as activity after the deal has been mapped to HubSpot. Any comment placed on the Lead record before being mapped, will NOT be mapped or visible.

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