Having trouble gaining full access to PaymentHub, due to the Identity Verification?
Not to worry!!! We are happy to give some assurances and assistance:

  1. The personal information that PaymentHub requires is that of the User and not the Payee: 

       The program is designed to make sure that the person registering is a human                being and not a computer spam bot. That said, the identity information entered            should belong to the person registering and should not be the personal                        information of the Payee recipient.    
  2.  User’s personal details are required to assist in identity verification purposes only, and is not connected to any corporate or personal tax matters. To have full          access privileges to a payee account i.e. to manage/edit payment methods and          bank account information, the individual user's identity needs to be verified first.

       PaymentHub does not keep any of your personal information on file; the                information is verified and automatically deleted once a result of the verification          is reached.  

       Users do have the option to skip the verification in PaymentHub and will have full          access to the Payee with the exception of being able to view or update the                  Payment Method and banking details. 

   3.  If you entered all the information and the verification failed, it may be due to a             few different issues:

       a. The territory of the registering User is outside the coverage of the verification                system (99% cause of ID verification failures)
       b.  The system recognizes the User's information as inconsistent with data                          received prior

      Regardless of the reasons above, if the verification fails or if you have additional             questions, contact us at the below email or within this Intercom and we'll work             with your Payor to get your verification approved for full access to PaymentHub.

Contact us:
Support (Customer Success) email: support@exactuals.com
or use the Intercom chat in the right-hand corner below.

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