Click on Roster

Ensure your roster has been finalised and click on the Publish button.

If you are republishing your roster, select Publish Updates Only.

Otherwise, select Publish All Shifts and click Next.

Select the employees that you want to publish the roster for.

Choose how you want to send your staff their shifts. You can send it via email, mobile notification or just mark it as published.

Click Publish.

Your employees will receive the following email.

Your employee can even add their shifts to their own calendar.

If your employee has the employee app, they will receive a notification from their account, where they can accept or decline a shift.

Select this bell to see whether your employee has accepted or declined the shift.

On the Roster, a tick will indicate that a shift has been accepted, whereas a shift that is declined will turn yellow.

Please note: If an employee has accepted or declined a shift by mistake and missed their chance to revert it back, the employer can remove, edit or add the shift from the business account and publish it to let the employee know.

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