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Tali - Reconcile Bank Statements

Bank reconciliation in Tali

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Reconciliation is the means by which you and the bank agree that the transactions recorded on each bank account statement are matched in Tali. 

When you receive a bank statement you can match the items on the statement to the corresponding items on Tali.

Note: Some of your transactions may not appear on the bank statement for some time, for example, if you have raised cheques and these are not presented by the recipient for several weeks.

Reconcile Transactions

  1. Select Bank & Cash > Reconcile a Bank Statement.

  2. Select the Bank Account you want to reconcile and click Reconcile this account.

  3. Enter the First Page, Last Page, Start Date, End Date, and Closing Balance on the statement you are reconciling.
    Note: The Opening Balance displayed is the figure on the last bank statement you reconciled e.g. this should match the Closing Balance from the Last Reconciled Bank Statement.

  4. Select the transactions from the list of Reconcile Entries that match the transactions on your bank statement.

  5. Click Reconcile.

Part-reconcile a Bank Statement

You can leave a reconciliation part-way through, by clicking Leave. Then, when you re-enter the reconciliation screen you will be returned to the same part-completed statement.

Warning! You won’t be able to reconcile a statement for another bank account until you either complete the part-completed reconciliation by clicking Reconcile, or abandon the reconciliation by clicking Abandon.

Print a List of Reconciled Transactions

Unreconcile a Bank Statement

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