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Tali - Unreconcile a Bank Statement
Tali - Unreconcile a Bank Statement

Unreconcile a bank statement in Tali

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If you want to cancel a bank transaction that was included in a statement that has been reconciled, then you must unreconcile the bank statement first. 

Unreconciling a bank statement will return the items listed to the list of bank entries waiting to be reconciled. 

Important! Unreconciling a statement will cause all subsequent reconciliations to be automatically unreconciled. So if in June you unreconcile a statement from April, then statements from May and June will also be unreconciled.

Unreconcile a bank statement

  1. Select Bank & Cash > Unreconcile a Bank Statement.

  2. Select the Bank Account and Statement.

  3. Click Unreconcile.

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