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How do I reverse uncashed cheques?
How do I reverse uncashed cheques?

Reverse uncashed cheques

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If you have uncashed cheques that you want to remove from the bank reconciliation, but you can't cancel them because they are before period end close-down, you can enter a contra-entry transaction. This also retains an audit trail of the transactions in the system.
To enter a transaction to cancel out the uncashed cheques and remove them from the bank statement screen:

  1. Go to Transactions > Enter Income.

  2. Fill out the same Account, Description, Amount, Name etc. (to mirror the original transaction).

  3. Select the Type as Direct Credit.

  4. Click Save.

Once saved, you will have your original uncashed cheques on your bank reconciliation screen with the matching credits. Simply reconcile these transactions together and this will clear them from your system.

Note: Because we have used contra-entries, you balances on your bank will not be affected.

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