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Do I own the rights to all of my designs?
Do I own the rights to all of my designs?

Owning the rights to your projects

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Everything that a Penji designer sends you is 100% yours.

We go to great lengths in order to protect you the customer. Every design that you receive you can expect a certain level of customization and we don't just stop there. Customer confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Although there are times that we do in fact use designs inside of Penji's marketing, we will forever and always ask you the customer for your permission BEFORE we use a design within our marketing. If you never receive an email from a Penji team member inquiring about using your work, it's safe to assume that we will not use your work.

You can also go into your dashboard to protect yourself even further.

Please perform the following to ensure that Penji will never use your work or share your information with anyone or anywhere:

  • Click your name in the top right corner of your dashboard

  • Click Profile & Account

  • Settings

  • Under notifications make sure you uncheck what is needed

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