How is Penji different?
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Penji is a creative technology company that leverages the skill set of the world's most talented graphic designers to solve your business's most expensive mistake - hiring the wrong designer.

We know what it's like to be busy. Before Penji existed, the company was a digital marketing agency that services non-profits and small businesses within the Philadelphia region. That foundation has transferred to what Penji is today. Our technology was built to not only solve problems but also to increase efficiencies within your working shift. Regardless of what time that may be.

There will always be the question of how you are different or better than another company, and to be perfectly honest, the short answer to that question is that there are companies better than Penji. Some of our competitors may even be doing a better job, but Penji is singularly focused on improving ourselves, our people, and ultimately our customers.

To give a more concrete answer to the question of what makes Penji unique/different are the following:

  • Penji's unique dashboard where you create, submit, and revise your projects

  •  A.I. project assignment to the best designer available

  •  Simple & thoughtful revision tool: Revise one click with 99% accuracy

  •  Download & begin your next project immediately

Our People

  • We pay fair wages

  • Fun and enjoyable working conditions. Yes, we communicate globally but have monthly meetups and virtual parties to celebrate just about anything

  • Values well-being and mental health. Sure, unlimited graphic design sounds daunting, but our teams all work a consistent shift of 9 hours each weekday. No different than the majority

Our Community

  • Penji for Non-Profits: $1 a month to all qualified non-profits; each class is chosen once a year and allows us to serve around 15 non-profits a year

  • Penji for Good: Free design at any time to those fighting injustices within our communities, regardless of location

  • Penji for Change: Helping our front-line workers with either PPEs or design needed to get the word out to help.

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