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I'm having trouble logging in my account...
I'm having trouble logging in my account...
Updated over a week ago

No worries. There's a chance that one of the following has happened:
1. For new customers that just signed up:
- Check your email: If you did not get a welcome email, you did not become a customer.
- Check your CC: There's a chance that your payment did not go through, even though there may be a pending charge on your CC. If you're getting an error, there's a chance that your CC got declined. Try again, but this time, try using a different email.
2. For existing customers:
- Check your email, was it spelled right?
- Are you sure you're entering the correct password?
- Did you try and reset your password?
If you're having an issue logging in, use the Penji website chat or email our support team at

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