Perspective Academy

Learn step by step in short videos which funnel suits you, how to position your company, how to optimize your funnel successfully & more.

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Start with perspective

Here you can find all needed information to start with your own successful funnel and learn more about Perspective and how you can use funnels for your business.

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Manage my Perspective account

Here we show you the most important settings and information in your account.

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Plans and Pricing

Find all old and new plans here, with an overview of all included features, contigents and prices.

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Create your funnel strategy

Here you can find everything you need to your successful funnel strategy.

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Find your ideal Funnel Template

Find a variety of different funnels, ready to be used by you.

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Edit your funnel

Here you can find all instructions on how to edit your funnel.

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Publish your funnel - Domains

Here you can find all information concerning the different domain types and how you can use them in your funnel.

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Use integrations

How to connect your funnel with different integrations and how to process your leads.

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Analytics & Tracking

Here you can find all needed information on how to track your funnels properly and how you can analyze your funnel results.

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Optimize your funnel

Here you'll learn how to make your funnel truly successful and best target your audience to generate high quality leads.

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Data protection

Learn how to make your funnels GDPR compliant

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Create ads and extend your reach

Here we'll show you how to successfully implement your funnel into ads and gain more leads.

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Referral Program

How you and your friends benefit

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Perspective CRM (Beta)

Manage interactions, data, and notes about contacts

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Desktop Experience (Beta)

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Workspaces (Beta)

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