How can I insert and use result pages?

In this article, you’ll learn best practices for your funnels’ results pages.

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What are results pages and what can I use them for?

Results pages are displayed after a visitor has filled out the contact form of your funnel. You can use the results pages for the following situations:

Thank your visitors

On your thank you page you get a chance to thank your new lead for several things including participation in your survey, quiz, or for their registration for your webinar or newsletter.

Moreover, you can inform your lead of the next steps, or use the space to display further information.

Forward your visitors

Please know that you can use your results page to redirect your visitors to another funnel or insert an external link. In both scenarios, your lead is provided with additional information. What you can also do is draw their attention to another offer. This way, you keep focusing on the customer during the entire customer journey.

You can find instructions on how to integrate external links into your funnel HERE.

Present test / quiz results

Another important function of results pages is the presentation of test or quiz results. In this case, the results pages have to be connected to the respective answer blocks of the questions asked.

Let’s have a closer look at what to do here.

To illustrate this scenario, have a look at our product finder funnel. To figure out which product/service suits your customers best, they can participate in a quiz. In doing so, you also collect important information about your visitor on the backend.

How do I add results pages to my funnel?

Adding and customizing results pages works the same way as it does for normal pages. HERE you can learn how to edit pages.

How do I link the answers on my normal pages to a specific results page?

  1. Click on the respective answer block that you’ve previously created on a funnel page.

  2. On the left side of the edit bar, navigate to "Result", select the specific results page which you want your visitor to go to.

  3. For each answer block, you can add different links to results pages where you have an opportunity to display individual results, depending on the answer of your visitor.

What’s the logic behind a quiz funnel?

After you’ve connected your answer blocks to the respective results pages and your funnel goes live, your visitors can now answer your questions which then takes them to different results pages.

As a next step, the result links of the individual answer blocks are added up, i.e. the results page that received the most clicks from your visitors is the result shown to your lead.

Our recommendation: Use an uneven number of questions to make the result more precise.

How could I structure my quiz or a questionnaire?

Let’s look at a short example for a quiz together.

Remember: At any point in time, you can modify the entire quiz/questionnaire to create multiple answer blocks and result pages. In doing so, you will not change the logic.

  1. Question: Is funnel marketing a part of online marketing?
    Yes (link professional) / No (link beginner)

  2. Question: Can you use funnel marketing for every branch?
    no (beginner) / yes (professional)

  3. Question: What is the goal of a funnel?

    Generate new customers (professional) / organize projects (beginner)

    The displayed result = professional

    The customer has answered 2 out of 3 questions correctly, so and gets shown the results page of the professional.

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