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Find your ideal Funnel Template
How do I find the right funnel template?
How do I find the right funnel template?

Learn how to find or create the best template for your funnel. Suitable for your industry and your goals.

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Here's how you choose the right funnel template

  1. Click on "New Funnel" in the Funnel overview of your Perspective accounts.

  2. Now think about the goal you want to pursue with your funnel. For this purpose, take a closer look at your funnel strategy. This will give you a strong basis on which you can successfully build your funnel marketing.

  3. The short description texts of the individual funnel templates make it easier for you to find a suitable funnel. We have another help article, to find out which funnel fits your marketing goal.

    The texts and the design can be edited later and individually adapted to your CI.

    Additional templates, as well as instructions for the ideal implementation of your funnel, we also provide you once HERE on our Youtube Channel.

  4. Now click on "See details" to see the preview of the funnel and get a better overview.

  5. Select the language in the upper right corner, so you can decide whether you want to choose a German or an English funnel template.

    ATTENTION: This setting cannot be changed afterwards!

    Recruiting Funnel language settings in detail.


  6. Once you have decided, click on "Start with this template" and you are ready to go.

Alternativly, you can use the funnel finder

You can choose to go through our Perspective funnel finder here and take the advice given by our team. Enjoy!

For more information on the following topics, visit our Help Center:

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