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How can I create customized results pages in my funnel?
How can I create customized results pages in my funnel?

Improve the quality of your leads and increase your conversion rate with personalized results pages in your Perspective Funnel

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What are personalized results pages?

Perspective Funnels give you the ability to personalize your visitor's experience.

Based on the different answers to your questions, you can create different result pages that are aligned with those answers.

What are the advantages and why should I make use of them?

  • You can create appealing offers, customized to your leads

  • Depending on your participants’ answers to your quizzes, you can adapt and personalize their results

  • Contests are also a great opportunity to show different results pages after you have collected your participants’ contact details.

How do I create and link results pages?

1. Create and save different results pages in your funnel editor.

2. To direct visitors of your funnel to the individual results pages, navigate to the 'share' icon in the menu bar on the left. Here, you can link the respective answers to your questions.

This way, your visitors are now redirected to the respective results page after the opt-in procedure.

How does result mapping work for multiple questions?

Depending on what a user clicks on, the result that previously received the most votes - the one that was selected most often in the questions - is shown at the end. In case of multiple questions, the answers always add together (+1) to indicate a certain results page. You can see an example below that illustrates the process.


Question 1: Which fruit do you like the most?

Apple (result 1)

Pear (result 2)

Banana (result 3)

Question 2: Which vegetable do you like the most?

Cucumber (result 1)

Tomato (result 2)

Bell pepper (result 3)

Question 3: Which drink do you like the most?

Water (result 1)

Juice (Result 2)

Spritzer (result 3)

And this is how the result generated:

If a user clicks apple, tomato and water, result 1 will be displayed as this result received the most votes.

Example of a result with an equal number of votes:

If apple, tomato, spritzer are selected and all receive the same amount of votes, the software selects the last result (in this case result 3, spritzer). Knowing this, we recommend that you design your allocation in a way that makes sense to the user. That way, you won’t obtain incorrect results and instead, only find logical routes.

A possible way to implement this is to create two results pages: One default page and another page only displayed for specific answers.

Pro tip: If you want only a certain question to determine the results page, always link all other questions to “next page”.

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