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You can’t view your funnel changes? Here is what to do.
You can’t view your funnel changes? Here is what to do.

Clear your cache to see the latest version. Here's how to do it…

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If your latest funnel changes are not displayed in your live funnel - even after you refreshed the page - the reason is usually related to the old funnel version that your browser stored in the cache.

What is a cache?

In short, a cache is a storage location for temporary files. In essence, it collects temporary data information to improve a page’s loading time and helps devices run faster.

How do I know when to clear my cache?

Below, we have listed a few key events. If any of those are performed incorrectly, it is likely that you need to clear the cache.

  • Sometimes files stored in the cache prevent current web page content from being displayed. Instead, your browser will load and display outdated data.

  • Pages don’t fully load and might show formatting errors.

  • You will view outdated content of a web page even though the page has been recently updated.

How exactly can I clear my cache?

To view the latest version of your funnel, you need to clear your cache. These are the steps to perform:

On Mac:

"cmd" + "Alt" + "E"

On Windows:

"Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Remove".

How can I clear the cache on the following, popular web browsers?

  • Google Chrome Browser

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari Browser

  • Opera Browser

Learn more about how to clear your cache here. Simply scroll down the page to find clear instructions for the different browsers.

Find more information on the following topics in our Helpcenter:

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