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How do I edit the favicon of my funnel?
How do I edit the favicon of my funnel?

What is a favicon, which one can or should I use and how do I change the favicon of my channel?

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What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small icon used by web browsers to identify a website or funnel in a recognizable way. Among other things, it appears in the bookmarks list (favorites), tabs, and when a page is saved for fast access.

Why do I need a custom favicon?

If a website or funnel doesn't have its own favicon set, the browser, Google or operating system will use a generic icon, which usually looks gray and drab.

Use this chance to make your funnel stand out from other pages by setting your own favicon. It helps visitors to recognize your funnel at first sight. This extra personalization also increases brand awareness and trust at the moment of the funnel visit.

Best practices for good favicons

People often use the company's logo as a favicon. However, it is important to have a recognition effect first and foremost. If your logo is very delicate, it is recommended to resort to an icon or a symbol that is easily recognizable even at a very small size.

As a general rule, less is more.

  • Use an identifiable element such as the first letter of your brand name or a tiny character that is related to the brand. Avoid words or complex elements.

  • Use an image with a minimum size of 512x512 px to ensure that the display quality is high-resolution in all situations.

  • Keep the shape in mind. A favicon is square by default, if you want something different, a transparent background is required.

  • Use a simple color palette for the favicon. Most of the time one background and one foreground color with a lot of contrast between background and icon is enough.

How do I change the favicon of my funnel?

You can upload your own image as favicon, the editor will take care of adapting the image for all possible display situations. If you don't have a suitable image available right now, choose one of the 6 graphics we provide for quick selection.

  1. Create or open a funnel

  2. Open your funnel settings via the small gear wheel at the top right

  3. Now select "Favicon" on the left-hand side

  4. Select one of the 6 graphics already provided by us or upload your own image using the small "+" (you can find our favicon recommendations here)

  5. As soon as your image is uploaded, you can view it directly in the preview

You've done it! 🙌 You can close the window. As soon as you publish your changes, your new favicon is live.


  • If a favicon you uploaded yourself is deleted, it will still remain active in the funnel until it is replaced by another favicon.

  • If the favicon is uploaded for one funnel, it will also be available for selection in other funnels.

  • In addition to the 6 default favicons, up to 18 further custom favicons can be saved in the quick selection.

  • If you delete one that is still in an active funnel, it will still remain in the funnel.

  • But by deleting it you can upload another favicon. The 24 favicons only reflect the quick selection.

More information on the following topics in our help center:

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