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Tips to easily report your tasks in the app
Tips to easily report your tasks in the app
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  • Report at any time - you can report your tasks at any time on the day they're due. Even if your health task has a specific time shown in the card, the app will let you report them at any time during that day! Simply tap the action button the bottom of the task card.

  • Medication tasks - for medication tasks, you will have a time window to report them on time. Reporting on time means you can be asked for a photo verification, and you can play a game for a chance to win!

  • Skip Verification - if you are reporting your medication on time but want a quick option to report, use our Skip Verification button to skip the photo verification and the game.

  • Report from notification - you can report your health tasks directly from our notification on your device. Simply tap the task notification to open notification actions, and then tap 'Mark as complete'.

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