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Setting up your health schedule
Setting up your health schedule

How to schedule all your health tasks in the app

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How do I start scheduling tasks:

Take the first step to better manage your health by scheduling tasks. Go to the Health tab, then go to Schedule and tap Add task. Your screen will then look like the bottom right image.

You can then select from all the task types and schedule one by one.

The different task types:

  • Medication - for all the medications you take. Our list of medications is a comprehensive list of approved medications in the countries we operate, but unfortunately it doesn't have all medications. If you can't find your medication listed, don't worry, you can always schedule them as a Health Action (see the point below).

  • Measurement - for all your health measurements (blood glucose, weight, mood, etc.). Schedule these measurement tasks to track your measurements over time. You can manually input your data (when the task is due) or sync our app with Apple Health/Google Fit. 

  • Exercise therapy - if you're doing physiotherapy use this task type. You can input the details manually or simply take a photo of the exercises. We will remind you to complete them and reward you for it!

  • Activity - schedule this to achieve your daily steps goal! You can choose the daily goal that best applies to you. When adding this task you'll be asked to sync to Apple Health or Google Fit - this is a crucial step for us to receive your step data!

  • Appointment - this is a reminder for you to book your doctor appointments. You'll need to choose a frequency for us to remind you to book the next appointment. We're working on this module to add reminders for appointments you've already booked.

  • Prescription - this is a reminder for you to refill your prescription.

  • Health Action - you can use the Health Action task type for any activity you complete regularly and want to be reminded about such as walking, meditating, stretching, drinking water, brushing your teeth, journalling, etc.). You then set the name to whatever you like, choose the frequency and times, and we'll make sure you don't forget them!

How to complete your tasks in the app:

After adding your health tasks to your Schedule, they will appear in the Today screen if they're due today. You can complete them at any time, but some tasks (like medication) will have time windows for you to get a game and reward.
If you need to change your health schedule, you can always 'Edit' and 'Delete' your tasks. To learn how to do this, read this article.

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