If you are still taking the medication as directed by your doctors, please feel free to continue marking medications as being taken and if you would like to to send a photo, please send photos of hospital equipment, medication boxes, or the medication that nurses are bringing to you.

If you don't feel comfortable taking photos, you can use quick report. Here's how it looks:

If you are taking a medication within the 2 hour time window (one hour each side), you can choose from the 2 options. (1) A normal report is what you already know - requires a photo and gives you the chance to play a game to win a reward. (2) A quick report is for times when you want something quicker - this doesn't require a photo and it doesn't give you a game, nor a reward.

Both options will mark the task as complete and allow you to unlock the Daily Bonus at the end of the day and continue your streak.

Please remember to follow your doctor’s instructions at all times, regardless of what is scheduled in your Perx app!

If you are unable to use your phone at all, send us a message and we'll be happy to reinstate your streak for you.

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