If you have not received your transfer, it is likely that your bank details are incomplete or that an update of the information is required.

🍑 How to update your bank details:

  1. Log in to your professional area on app.wearephenix.com, tab "Billing".

  2. Check and correct if necessary "Your billing information".

  3. Then in the "Account validation" section, click on the "Lauch validation" button. Stripe will guide you if new documents are required to be uploaded.

  4. Once the update is done, your company status will be (re)validated by Stripe within 48 hours ⏳.

  5. After this time, remember to log into your space to check the validation and status of your transfers in the "Your invoices" section at the bottom of the page.

🧁Need Help?

If you need help updating your banking information, please write us at commerce@wearephenix.com. 🙂

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