Are you a retailer concerned about your goods ?

Or an engaged consumer who whises to save food that can still be consumed ?

Ever better …. You are both !

In this case you must create two different accounts.

In both cases, we invite you to download the mobile application "Phenix anti-waste" on your smartphone or tablet. 📱

📢 Attention!

You can not use the same email address to create your professional and your user account ❌

👩‍💻 My professional space

If you want to register your business and publish anti-waste baskets, you must create a professional account. You can do this either from a smartphone or tablet, or from a computer.

  • If you are using a computer, you will access your professional space on the adress

📲 My personal user account

If you are a consumer committed and motivated to save anti-waste baskets, and/or if you are a merchant and you wish to visualize your business and your ads in real time on the application, you must download the Phenix application on your smartphone and create a user account from the login page.

📢 Attention: do not use the same e-mail address to create your user account and your store professional account !

🧁 Need help?

Do you need help? Feel free to contact us at the number or email adresse indicated in your professional space! 🙂

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