Why do you get this error message? 🤔

If you try to log in to your professional space with your mobile app account login details, or vice versa, an error message appears, usually Error 2 - 200.

Indeed, as a retailer, you may have two separate accounts:

  • a professional account to set up and publish your ads,

  • a user account to view your ads on the mobile application and maybe buy waste-free baskets!

What you need to do 🍊

Check that you are actually logging into the Phenix professional space at app.wearephenix.com

Check that your connection email is correct: you indicated it when you registered your business in the professional space and it was confirmed to you by email. Please note: the login email for the professional space is different from the login email for the mobile app!

🧁 Need help ?

If your problem persists, feel free to write to the Phenix team at commerce@wearephenix.com or hellobelgium@wearephenix.com for Belgium and we will call you back to help! 🙂

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