Packed food products must have a date by which they must be consumed: the use-by date (BBD) or the date of minimum durability (DMD). What exactly do these two acronyms mean and how can you take them into account when putting together your anti-waste baskets?

👉 The "Use By" date or UBD

The best before date is the date indicated by the words "use by..." followed by the month, day and possibly the year. Examples include meat 🥩 , fish, cold meats, chilled ready meals 🍛 , eggs 🥚 , some dairy products... Products subject to a best-before date can be placed in Phenix baskets up to and including the date indicated (D0). On the other hand, as specified in the regulations, products with an expired use-by date are forbidden to be sold or donated.

👉 The Date of Minimum Durability or DMD

The DMD is the Date of Minimum Durability. It concerns foods that are not very perishable such as dry, sterilised, freeze-dried and dehydrated products (dry cakes, tins), non-dry products that can be kept for a very long time before opening such as purees, fruit juices 🧃, sauces, compotes. Products with an expired DMD are allowed to be sold and donated. They can therefore be put in the Phenix baskets provided they are not opened or damaged.

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