Your photos will sporadically display a PENDING watermark over them until the actual date of your event. FOR EXAMPLE: If you set your event date to 12/25/2020, a PENDING watermark will be applied until Christmas Day 2020. On 12/25/2020 that event will run watermark free provided that you published the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot adjust the date of an event after you've created it. Only a PicPic Social technician can change the date of an event retroactively. If you need the date of an event changed please message us in the chat or email us


  1. Go to the Events Dashboard.
  2. In your events list press the Green PUBLISH button.
  3. On the PicPic Social device server, press STOP if it's still running on your PC.
  4. Press UPDATE so that the PicPic Social Server can download the now published event.
  5. Press START on the device server again so the images can be processed without the PENDING watermark.
  6. Force close PicPic Social on your sharing station. Click here if you don't know how force close an app on the iPad.
  7. Open PicPic Social again on your sharing station app and the images will load watermark free.
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