Here's what's included in Pillow Premium at the moment. This list will expand as we work to add more features over time.

Detailed Sleep Analysis

Get a detailed breakdown of your sleep stages, including sleep stage duration, sleep stage percentage, and whether your sleep stage duration was within or outside the recommended range.

Heart rate analysis

View your heart rate during sleep overlaid on top of your sleep chart with the ability to seek individual values. View your average heart rate, maximum and minimum heart rate values for each day. Pillow also displays your average heart rate values for each sleep stage.

Audio recordings

Allow Pillow to record important audio events during sleep like snoring, sleep apnea, sleep talking, other noises or sounds that might disrupt sleep. You can export, delete or favorite any audio recording.

Naps and Duration-based presets

Create presets for naps that have a specific sleep duration, e.g., 20 minutes. You can also create presets for longer sleep sessions like 8hrs. Pillow will automatically select the correct alarm time so that the alarm will go off after the specified duration.

Snooze lab

Gain full access to personalized sleep insights and sleep tips that will help you improve your sleep and learn how sleep works.

Sleep Notes

Attach notes for each sleep session to help you pinpoint specific actions, habits, events that might have affected your sleep session's quality positively or negatively.

Sleep-related Trends

Discover how important sleep metrics change over time: Sleep Quality, Sleep duration, Sleep regularity, Wake up mood, How sleep notes have affected your sleep quality. Each metric comes with an easy to understand summary that describes your progress, and you can explore in greater detail Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly values.

Compare with Apple Health metrics.

Discover how various Apple Health metrics might affect your Sleep Quality of the duration for your sleep. Pillow allows you to compare your Sleep Quality and Sleep duration with key Apple Health metrics such as Steps, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Cycling Distance, Weight, Caffeine consumption, and more.

Premium Sleep Aid content

Gain access to a wide variety of Meditations, Stories, Soundscenes, and Music that has been carefully curated and produced to help you relax and fall asleep faster. By unlocking Pillow's Premium Features, you also gain access to all future additions.

Premium Wake up sounds

Gain full access to all currently available Alarm sounds as well as future additions.

Select a Wake Up Melody from your iTunes Library

Pick any track from your iTunes or Apple Music to use an alarm sound.

Database Export in CSV format

You may export your sleep data in .csv format to analyze them via a different medium.

Pillow offers a free 7-day trial of all Premium Features so that you can test them and discover the full potential of Pillow.

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