Stuck Bubbler and Lid not fitting

What to do if your Bubbler gets stuck

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If the Airlock's Bubbler is left soaking in water for en extended time period, it expands.

This might lead to it getting stuck in the Tritan part of your Airlock, which in turn causes the Airlock's lid not to fit properly any longer.

Important: Avoid leaving water in your Airlock at all times.

After fermentation please air dry all parts of your Airlock that came in contact with liquid before your next batch. It is best practice to:

  • Empty it of water

  • Separate the parts

  • Leave them out to dry completely

  • Reassemble them and store them away until your next batch

Important: If your Bubbler is still not able to fit into the Tritan part of your Airlock. It. might be that you need a PLAATO Airlock V3 Upgrade Kit.

Please take a picture of the cap of your Airlock and the Bubbler and send it to us through the messenger app at the bottom right of the screen or to

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