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Understanding Plaato Airlock's Learning Mode

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Plaato Airlock's Learning Mode feature is designed to help you determine whether the manual SG updates you add to your app is used to train the estimation model.


When Learning is "ON" your manual SG entries are used to train PLAATO Airlock

With Learning mode "OFF" your manual SG entries are not used to train your device.

Steps to activate Learning Mode

  1. Launch your App and tap on the "Update SG" menu

  2. Tap "Learning On" to activate, to turn it off, simply tap "Learning Off"

  3. Manually measure gravity and update your app by entering the value under "Manually Update Specific Gravity" also under the "Update SG" menu.

The manual SG updates will be used to adapt the estimation to your setup.

This will enhance the gravity estimation for the specific airlock, making it better for your next batch.

Note: Only use learning mode if you are certain that the measurements you do are a 100% correct, and that nothing abnormal has happened with the brew. There are a lot of variables in the estimation; like small leaks and an error in the volume.

Before activating Learning Mode, make sure:

  1. The batch volume you have entered is accurate

  2. The original gravity you have entered is accurate

  3. Your current SG measurement is accurate.

The more you use the Learning Mode, the better your device's estimation will become over time.

When you are satisfied with the estimation of your airlock, we advise you turn learning mode OFF.

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