Global Settings

Set your Units, Keg Mode and Scale Sensitivity.


1. Keg Setup

Make sure Plaato Keg is placed on a stable flat surface, standing freely without any weight on top. Then click on "Tare" to zero out the device. You may need to refresh your app by closing and reopening it to see it tare.

Note: Plaato Keg works as a scale, and must be tared without any load on top of it for accurate measurements.


2. Insert "Empty keg weight"

Your Empty Keg Weight is the what your Keg weighs without any content in it. If you do not know, your empty keg weight, you can search online for the full specifications and dimensions type of Keg you have.

Note: The Plaato Keg can be used to measure the weight of your keg. You must remember to "Tare" it out if you do use it as a measuring scale.

The Empty Keg Weight will be subtracted from the Max Keg Volume Measurement. This is ensure that it only weighs and displays the actual contents of your Keg

Empty Corny kegs for example weigh about 10,4lb (4.45kg)


3. Set Max Keg Volume

Max Keg Volume is a measure of the total volume capacity of your empty Keg. That is, how much content it can hold at full capacity.

Note: This variable is used to calculate the percentage of remaining beer in the keg.


4. Set ABV% by Original and Final Gravity

Finally, you can set the Original Gravity and Final Gravity of the content of your Keg.

This is to calculate the ABV%. Final Gravity is also used to calculate the weight and volume of your beer.

Note: If you do not know the Final Gravity of your beer leave it as 1000 and you will still get a good estimation of what is left in your keg.

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