General FAQs

How does Plaato Airlock work?

Plaato Airlock measures the Co2 produced during the fermentation and uses that to estimate the Specific Gravity. You can read more about the science behind the Plaato Airlock here.

Can it be used on other types of fermentation?

Plaato Airlock can be used on all types of Fermentations, including: Wine, Cider, Kombucha, Whisky, Brandy, Mead, Moonshine.

What is the maximum batch size for Plaato Airlock?

The operational batch size for Plaato Airlock is 1 - 13 US gallons/ 2 - 50L.

Plaato Airlock is designed for a typical home-brewer fermenter capacity of around 6.5 US gallons/ 25 L. It will work best for these capacities.

Some brewers have tried using the Airlock on batches of around 16 US gallons / 60L with good results. It is a practical matter of how much CO2 can go through the airlock. If you ferment at low temperatures, the fermentation activity will be lower and the Airlock can work well on bigger batches.

Does Plaato Airlock work in a fridge?

Yes! Plaato Airock will work in your fridge until your beer freezes.

Then it will stop working.

What temperature is measured by the Airlock?

Plaato Airlock measures the ambient temperature. That is the air temperature around the Airlock. It measures in Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit

Does Plaato Airlock handle overflows?

Plaato airlock is generally designed to withstand overflow. Some overflows might be more violent than others, so depending on each and every situation, the data and device might be affected. If you notice a significant change in the graph, it is probably an indication that your beer is overflowing. In that case, clean the airlock, sanitise and put it back on.

Can I dry hop during fermentation?

You can open your fermenter and dry hop as normal. The little amount of CO2 that escapes when the lid is off only affects the measurements marginally. In addition, since dry-hopping normally is done during secondary fermentation, the remaining Co2 to be produced by the wort will be low.

What if my fermenter is not 100% airtight?

We know that not all the fermenters available on the market are always perfectly airtight. During the development of Plaato, we have been through 20+ different types of fermenters, and the average leak affects marginally.

Plaato Airlock will still measure the fermentation activity, gather and analyze data of your fermentation. In case of a major leak, the specific values will, of course, be off.

In this case, it might be best to invest in a new fermenter to avoid contamination.

Can Plaato Airlock be used on Pressurised Fermentations?

No, Plaato Airlock is not designed to handle pressurised fermentations.

Measuring Fermentation

How is alcohol calculated by Plaato Airlock?

The Alcohol by volume (ABV) is estimated based on the Co2 measurements, the Original Gravity values entered and the Specific of Final Gravity at the end of the batch. You can read more about the science behind the Plaato Airlock here.

Can I switch from SG to Degree Plato °P?

The Plaato Airlock only measures fermentation in SG for now.

if you will like to see this feature, send in a Feature Request

Filling your Plaato Airlock

Do I need to add water to my Plaato Airlock?

You need to add liquid to your Plaato Airlock in order for the IR-sensor to be able to detect the escaping Co2 as bubbles. You can add distilled water.

What type of liquid can I fill into my Airlock?

We recommend using plain water only.

How much water should I fill my Airlock with?

We recommend filling your Airlock up to the line marked on the Bubbler

Powering Plaato Airlock

Do I need to keep the Airlock plugged in to power all the time?

Yes, Plaato Airlock is not battery powered and so it has to be plugged into power at all times. Please make sure it is powered by a 5V and 1.5Amps power head.

Can I use the Plaato Airlock with a power bank?

Plaato Airlock user's that have done this have had issues with their device.

We recommend that your Airlock be plugged directly to power.

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