To use this feature please toggle on "Experimental Features" in your Plaato Pro Mobile App.

Going alone is great, but going together is better 🤝

Enable your team brew faster with 24/7 insights to fermentation data and improve recipe quality, and batch delivery using the Plaato Pro Team Feature.

Here is all you need to know to get your team started 👥

Invite a Team Member (Account Admin privilege only)

To invite a Team member head over to your Mobile App

  • Launch your Plaato Pro App

  • Tap on "Account"

  • Tap on "My Team"

  • Tap on "Invite Team" (Scroll to the bottom of the page to find this)

  • Enter your team member's email

  • Tap on "Send Invite" to invite your teammate.

Important: Please make sure you are not already a member of a different team or company on Plaato Cloud. If you are, please contact, or write in through the messenger app at the bottom of this page.

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