You shared your feedback on the importance of being able to compare your batches and we listened, got to work and launched Plaato Pro Batch Comparison to assist in ensuring your recipes and batches continue to go from good, to better, and best ⭐

Select up to 4 fermentation batches and layer the fermentation graphs over each other to compare and to learn what worked best during the batches, or what could be improved upon for your next batch.📈

Important: You will need to have first create a batch to use Batch Comparison

Set up Batch Comparison

Note: Batch Comparison is only currently available on the Plaato Pro WebApp

  1. Log into Plaato Pro WebApp

  2. Click on “Batches” on the left menu navigator

  3. In the Batches list select up to four batches. The “Compare Batches” button will be highlighted at the top left. (You must select at least 2 batches)

Click “Compare Batches” and the Batch Comparison screen will load.

Filtering (Data Source)

You have the option to select what unit to compare on the graphs.

  1. Hover your mouse to the right of your graph to Data Source

  2. Click on the eye icon to select or deselect Temperature or Density

Aligning the Batches (Graph)

Using the sliders beneath the chart you also have the option to adjust and align the Start/End time of the Datasets across your selected batches

  1. Hover your mouse over Graph Alignment

  2. Click and drag the slider to adjust

The sliders move the whole dataset by adjusting the start time of the dataset in relations to hour 0 on the x-axis of the chart.

To compare differences between the batches hover over the graphs to see the numbers for Density and Temperature at a given time.

View, Hide and +Add a Batch

Use the eye icons to view, hide a batch. You can also add a batch to compare directly from the batch comparison screen by clicking on "+" to add.

What can you do with Batch Comparison?

  1. Select and compares up to 4 batches

  2. Compares density and temperature

  3. Compare any ongoing or historical batch

  4. Filter data source(density/temperature) and batch datasets

  5. You can align the datasets for more a accurate start/end time of the batches being compared

  6. Any team member can compare batches

What can you not do with Batch Comparison

  • You cannot export Batch Comparison

  • Currently you cannot save or share a comparison

  • If you exit the Batch Comparison page the adjustments you made will not be stored until your next session

  • Batch comparison is only available in the Web app

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