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Plaato Pro Fermentation data
Plaato Pro Fermentation data

A guide to understanding and using your data

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Using the principle of vibrating fork density, Plaato Pro measures the density of your brew through the vibrations of its tines. The denser your brew is, the lower vibration frequency measured by Plaato Pro will be and vice versa. Specific Gravity and/or Degrees Plato is calculated by measuring the vibration frequency. It also measures the temperature of your brew.

Plaato Pro will measure the density hourly and send the data to your app. Here is how to read each of the data units in your app👇🏼


The temperature of your brew under fermentation has an impact on the end taste, clarity, strength and smell. So temperature monitoring is crucial.

In the Plaato Pro App, your brew's temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Please go to "Account > App Settings > Units" to set your preference.


Density readings also called Specific Gravity/Plato, measures how dense your brew is in comparison with water. It indicates the level of alcohol conversion in your brew every time the Plaato Pro does a reading.


The tines on your Plaato Pro vibrate proportionally to the level of density in your brew. If the Plaato Pro measures high vibrations, your brew is low in density. If it measures low vibrations your brew is high in density. In your app you are able to follow density levels closely to ensure the brew is fermenting by recipe standard.

Frequency is measured in Hz.

Battery Level and Wifi Strength

We have included nifty Battery Level and WiFi strength graphs under each "Device Details" in your Plaato Pro App. This will help you avoid situations where you run out of battery life, and to keep track of WiFi strength when brewing.

Cloud and Battery Status

The battery level and cloud connection status of each Plaato Pro device is displayed like below👇🏼

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