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Fermentation Activity: Units of Measurement
Fermentation Activity: Units of Measurement

Decoding the units of Fermentation Activity: What do they mean?

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°P/h (Plato per Hour)

°P/h is a unit of measurement that indicates the rate of change in gravity, measured in degrees Plato per Hour.

mSG/h (Milli Specific Gravity per Hour)

mSG/h is another unit of measurement for Fermentation Activity, that converts specific gravity into a more user-friendly format by multiplying the specific gravity by 1,000.

For example:

A change of 0.001 SG/h is represented as 1 mSG/h, while a change of 0.00056 SG/h becomes 0.56 mSG/h. This milli scale format simplifies the reading by eliminating the need for multiple decimal places when discussing values.

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