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Fermentation Activity (Plaato Pro): The speedometer for your fermentation process
Fermentation Activity (Plaato Pro): The speedometer for your fermentation process

Accurately monitor the rate of your fermentations with Fermentation Activity

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You spoke and we listened! Fermentation Activity is a new, innovative feature developed to streamline the fermentation monitoring process for PLAATO PRO users. Available on both the web and mobile app.

What is Fermentation Activity?

Fermentation Activity is a single number that represents the current state of fermentation by measuring the rate of decline in gravity. It is displayed as either °P/h (Plato per hour) or mSG/h (milli specific gravity per hour). Click here to learn more about these units of measurement.

With the new Fermentation Activity feature, you can:

  • Easily identify the start of your fermentation

Instantly detect issues with your batch due to unhealthy yeast, insufficient yeast pitch or temperature fluctuations, allowing you to address problems and save time and resources.

  • Seamlessly determine the end of fermentation

Pinpoint optimal times for cold crashing and diacetyl rest to enhance tank turnover and increase production capacity.

  • Evaluate your batches for optimal yeast performance

Comparing Fermentation Activity across batches offers valuable insights into the performance and health of yeast across generations and types, empowering you to refine your processes and achieve consistent results.

How to access Fermentation Activity on Plaato WebApp and MobileApp

  1. Launch your Plaato Pro App on web or mobile

  2. Click on Batches and select a relevant batch

  3. OR Click on Devices and enter through to sensor data

  4. Fermentation Activity is displayed underneath the density readings

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