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How can I find a project in the PLNAR Portal?
How can I find a project in the PLNAR Portal?

I need to find a project in the PLNAR portal. What do I do?

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You can look up claims in the portal using the search bar located in the top left hand corner of the portal.

There are a couple of different ways to look for a claim:

  1. Use the project number. This number will be in the format "SNP-XXXYYY" (XXXYYY represents the project number). You can include the "SNP-" part in your search and still find the project.

  2. Use the claim number attached to the project. When you use the claim number, make sure that do not add anything before or after the number. For example, if you have a "-01" after the claim number, the portal will not find the project you are looking for. The team is currently working on allowing extra characters in the search bar but in the meantime, the best way to ensure you find a project is by not adding extra characters in your search. Keep it simple!

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