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How Do Plugzio Devices Communicate With The Plugzio Cloud?
How Do Plugzio Devices Communicate With The Plugzio Cloud?

Plugzio devices can communicate with the Cloud through either "Cellular", "WiFi" or "Bluetooth".

Written by Douglas Sim
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Cellular Communication

This communication type uses a in-built SIM card and works just like data on your smart phone. Plugzio devices with cellular capabilities will automatically connect and communicate with Plugzio Cloud servers as soon as they are installed and powered on. No setup steps are required to get the device connected making Plugzio cellular devices the easiest type to setup.

WiFi Communication

This type communicates with Plugzio Cloud via a local WiFi internet connection. This unit type requires a one-time setup for Plugzio units to save and connect to the local WiFi credentials. WiFi router and network must be purchased separately. Plugzio WiFi units are noticeably more affordable than other types - in quantity, the price savings will exceed the cost of an additional router and network (if an existing reliable network is not already available).

NOTE: It is recommended that Plugzio units be connected to reliable WiFi connections to allow for real-time control and monitoring.

Each Plugzio device only requires about 10MB of bandwidth monthly. This will help you pick the right type of router and network.

Bluetooth Communication

Bluetooth units get activated locally via the companion Plugzio mobile app. Plugzio mobile app acts a proxy between Plugzio Cloud and the hardware unit.

Controlling Devices From Plugzio Cloud

After the initial connection with the Plugzio Cloud, all devices must be registered to a management account. If you have not set up a management account, refer to the Manager - Registration & Get Started guide.

For more features, refer to the Plugzio Cloud Walk-Through video below:

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