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Create A Plugzio User Dashboard
Create A Plugzio User Dashboard

Step-by-step guide on how to register for a Plugzio user account

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  • Open your browser and navigate to or scan any Plugzio QR code with your phone

  • Select the option to register a new account to start the account registration process

  • Fill in the required fields and accept both the terms of service and privacy policy

- e-mail - Must be a valid e-mail address

- Password - Must be 8+ characters with at least 1 capital and 1 special character

- Confirm Password - Must be the same as "Password"

  • Check the registered e-mail address for a confirmation e-mail
    - e-mail will be from ""E-mail may take a few minutes to arrive

  • Follow the confirmation link in the e-mail to a "User Account Verified" page to complete the registration process
    - The link must be activated within 15mins of completing the registration processIf the link has expired (i.e. 15+ mins), please repeat the registration process to trigger another activation e-mail

  • Login with the newly registered account, you now have a Plugzio User account

  • Start activating Plugzio enabled outlets!

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