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How To Create & Edit Payment Plans

Step-by-step guide on how to create and edit payment plans

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This article assumes that you have already created a Plugzio Management account and wallet. If you have not created a management account or wallet, please follow the Manager - Registration & Get Started and/or Manager - Create & Edit Wallets guide.

Create A Payment Plan

  • Open your browser and navigate to

  • Log into your Plugzio Management Dashboard

  • Click on the "Payment Plan" tab on the sidebar

  • logo on the top left of the page

  • Click the "Create Plan" button to start the payment plan creation process
    - If you have no payment plans, the "Create Plan" button is located at the center of the page
    - If you already have an existing payment plan, the "Create Plan" button is located on the top left of the page

  • Fill out the required fields and then press the "Submit" button
    ​Description: Name of the payment plan or something to help you identify what this plan is for.

    Activation Fee (per session): The fixed rate that the user needs to pay every time they start a session

    Duration Rate (per hour): The rate that the user needs to pay per hour based on how long their session lasts (i.g. if the rate for this value is $0.50/h and the session lasted 4 hrs, the user will be charged $2)

    Consumption Rate (per kWh): The rate that the user needs to pay per kWh based on how much electricity they used during each session

    Important Note: If you set all the above three values to $0, you will create a free plan meaning that the users will not be charged for their sessions

  • Your new payment plan is now created and should be visible on the "Payment Plans" page

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Edit A Payment Plan

  • On the "Payment Plans" page, look for the payment plan tile you would like to edit.

  • On the payment plan tile, click the "edit" button indicated by the pencil icon

  • Edit the fields with the values you want and then press the pencil button

  • The payment plan should now be updated with the new values

​Please note ongoing user sessions will use the payment plan that was in place when the session was started. New payment plan rates will only be used for sessions started after the plan has been updated.

YouTube Guide:


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