Plugzio's affordability allows it to be installed at your most convenient place, which is often your apartment's stall or work place; allowing you to charge for as long as you are parked.

If you consider that 95% of the lifetime of your vehicle is spent parked (Fortune Magazine) you will realize how effective Plugzio charging is.

Plugzio has two models: 15A and 20A

  • 15A is used as a retrofit to existing circuits and it will provide on average 6km of charge per hour.

  • 20A is used as an upgrade and it will provide on average 10km of charge per hour.

 Plugzio is designed to be used for long duration parking, at home or at work where 80% of charging usually happens.

On average, a vehicle is plugged in for 10 hours overnight or at work, therefore Plugzio will provide:

10 hr * 7 km/hr (Level 1) = 70 km of available charge

BC-Hydro estimates that about 95% of all urban car trips are less than 30km, which means Plugzio over-night charging (70km) is more than enough for most people.

We encourage you to read this article on how Level 1 charging is as fast as Level 2.

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