Manager - Setting Up Single User Auto-start

Step-by-step guide on how a manager can set up and configure single user devices to automatically start sessions

Written by Douglas Sim
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Initial Requirements

  • This article assumes that you have a Plugzio Management account with a Plugzio device registered. If you have not created a management account, please follow the Manager - Registration & Get Started guide.

  • This article assumes that the Plugzio device that you want to configure is powered on, connected to the internet, and has an active cloud subscription.
    - If you have issues with your device, please contact customer support at


  • There are a few requirements to allow Single User Auto-Start to on your Plugzio device:
    - Payment plan assigned to the user has the "Auto-Start Sessions For Single User" enabled.
    - Plugzio device is configured to Smart mode with private access settings.
    - Plugzio device has no more than a single user added to the access list.

Step 1 - Enabling single user auto-start on the payment plan

  • Navigate to the "Payment Plan" page

  • Select and edit the payment plan that you would like the to be on user

  • Make sure that the "Single User Auto Start" option is enabled

Step 2 - Setting the device to Smart mode with private access

  • Navigate to the "Device Management" page

  • Find the Plugzio device you would like to configure

  • Click on the "Power Setting" button on the tile and set the device to "SMART" mode.
    - If the device is in always off mode the button will say "ALWAYS OFF"
    - If the device is in always on mode the button will say "ALWAYS ON"
    - If the device is in smart mode the button will say "SMART"
    - If the device is in Bluetooth mode the button will say "BLUETOOTH"

  • Once the device is in smart mode, click the access setting button next to the "Power Setting" button and change the access setting to "PRIVATE".

Step 3 - Add a single user to the access list

  • Once it is in smart mode with private access, click the tile to expand the user list and make sure that there is only 1 user added to this list.
    - Users can be added to the list using the "ADD USER" button
    - Users can be removed from the list using the "X" button next to the user

  • When adding a user, select the payment plan you edited in step 1

  • Once the user is added verify that a "on/off" icon is present next to the payment plan.

  • This icon indicates that the single user auto-start feature is available to the user. If this icon is not present, please make sure all the above steps are done correctly.

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