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Why does Polar show more conversions than Facebook?
Why does Polar show more conversions than Facebook?

This article detail why you may see larger conversion numbers on Polar compared to Facebook.

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If you notice a discrepancy between conversion data in Polar versus Facebook, there are a few things to keep in mind to troubleshoot where this discrepancy is coming from.

Step 1) Check your Facebook Connector

First, it's important to check if all the connectors in Polar are active and if the account you're checking on Facebook has been successfully connected. You can verify this by checking the Facebook source within your Connectors tab.

Step 2) Check the raw data in Custom Reports

If Facebook has been successfully set up as a connector, you'll need to compare the raw data in Polar using a Custom Report. To do that, create a Custom Report and add the metrics you wish to compare (this video details how you can accomplish this). If you have multiple Facebook accounts, you can use an account breakdown to only view relevant data.

Step 3) Add a campaign breakdown in Polar

If you still see a difference in conversions, keep in mind that Facebook doesn't display conversions at the campaign level on all campaigns within the Facebook Ads Manager Homepage - but they do show all of the conversion data on the Ad and Ad set level. This is because conversion metrics on Facebook will not populate if the ads within the campaign have multiple attribution settings. You can learn more about how Facebook displays those metrics here.

For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that Polar shows 15 conversions for Campaign A, 9 conversions for Campaign B, and 41 conversions for Campaign C.

Within the Facebook Ads Manager, at the campaign level, there is only data for Campaign B (9 conversions, which matches the Polar report above). The other campaigns do not populate here, as they have different attribution settings.

However, if you click into Campaign C (at the Ad set level) you'll see that the total conversions add up to 41, which also matches the data in the Polar report.

With that said, we recommend checking your Ads or Ad set reports on Facebook instead. If you'd like to further verify in Polar, you can also add a campaign breakdown into your Custom Report in Polar to identify which campaigns you need to look into.

If you still see any differences between Polar and Facebook data with conversions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team via the in-app live chat for troubleshooting assistance.

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