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Why do Shopify and Polar show more transactions than GA4?
Why do Shopify and Polar show more transactions than GA4?

This article details why you may notice discrepancies in transactions or total orders data between GA4 and Shopify (or the Polar Pixel).

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If you're comparing your Transactions data in Google Analytics to Total Orders data from either Shopify or the Polar Pixel, you may notice that Google Analytics shows less data for Transactions. This is due to reporting limitations within Google Analytics (GA4).

In summary, Google Analytics may not correctly track all transactions on your website. For example, transactions are missed if users opt out of analytics tracking or go over GA’s 500 hits-per-session tracking limit. Ad blockers, browsers with strict privacy settings, and JavaScripts being disabled can also limit Google's ability to track transactions. With that said, we recommend that you not rely on Google's transaction data alone to measure the success of your website — always cross-reference with your Polar dashboard and the raw metrics from Shopify.

You can confirm that the Shopify and Polar Pixel data is accurate by pulling in a report to compare Shopify, Polar Pixel, and GA4 data. You'll notice that the Polar Pixel conversions match exactly with the true conversions from Shopify, and that the GA4 transactions are slightly less due to the above limitations.

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